Kuwait Amir's Rep. delivers speech to Jeddah Security and Development Summit

Representative of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on Saturday delivered Kuwait speech to the Jeddah Security and Development Summit, which gathered the leaders of the GCC states, the United States, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq.Welcoming the other leaders attending, His Highness the Crown Prince conveyed to them the greetings of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.He thanked Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman for their warm hospitality and "the special preparation" for the summit."This is fourth important summit meeting between the GCC member countries and the friendly United States, with which we have deep-rooted historical relationship and strategic interests," he noted."The summit gains additional significance as it coincides with accelerated exceptional challenges in the region, including the political, economic and security threats, which require more consultation and coordination."To address such challenges we need to reach a clear-cut vision for strengthening security and stability in this critical part of the world through cooperation with our strategic partner - the United States and the sisterly Arab countries represented here today - the Kingdom of Jordan, the Republic of Egypt and the Republic of Iraq," His Highness the Crown Prince said. "I'd like to welcome President Joe Biden, who is on his first trip to the region to take part in this strategic summit, recalling with pride the level of our relationship with friendly the United States and the outstanding achievements in various fields. "With gratitude, we, the leadership and people of Kuwait, recall the prominent role of the US and our brothers in the GCC, notably the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and other peace-loving countries, in the Kuwait Liberation Operation against the Iraqi invasion in 1990."The State of Kuwait takes pride in belonging to this blessed grouping, the GCC, which make outstanding achievements over the past four decades."The GCC pursues confidently commitment to the strategic partnership with the United States based on belief in its inevitability amidst the accelerated developments, which require more cooperation and integration."We in the GCC hope that this summit will be a new starting point for addressing all outstanding issues of the Middle East, on top of which is the Palestine question."We call for more action to advance the peace process based on the international legitimacy, the UN resolutions and the Arab peace initiative to ensure the right of the Palestinian people to establish their independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital," he pointed out.His Highness the Crown Prince called on Iran to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency, the GCC states, and the international community to rid the Middle East of nuclear weapons.He also urged more action to prevent terrorist attacks on civilian targets and vital utilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and combat the threats to international shipping routes.On the Ukraine crisis, he called for reaching a political solution based on the rules of the international law and the UN Charter that provide for respecting the sovereignty of states and their territorial safety and political independence.