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His Highness was born on 25 June 1937 in Kuwait City, Al- Shoyoukh District (present location of Al-Muthanna Complex). He is the sixth son of Kuwait's 10th Ruler, late Sheikh Ahmed Al Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah, who ruled Kuwait during the period (1921-1950 AD).

Social Status

His Highness is Married and has got 4 sons and 1 daughter: Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nawaf (Eldest), Sheikh Faisal Al-Nawaf, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nawaf, Sheikh Salem Al-Nawaf and Sheikha Sheikha Al-Nawaf.

Early Life

Since his birth, His Highness was brought up at the ruling houses, which are schools for education, commitment and discipline, as they prepare the rulers of the future.
His Highness is the successor of the glorious Al-Sabah family, rulers of Kuwait since its inception. It is the Nobel, pure Arabian family with deep roots in Arab history.
His Highness studied at Kuwait's various schools: Hamada, Sharq and Nurga Schools, then Eastern and Mubarkiya Schools. His Highness continued education in various places of Kuwait. He was characterized by his carefulness to go on learning. This characteristic was clearly showed on His Highness encouragement of students at various educational stages, including intermediate and high school. His Highness vision was to embrace learning, which is the basis for the progress and prosperity of societies.


Official positions held by His Highness


Crown Prince: 20 February 2006

The popular, parliamentary and political consensus to give homage and pledge of allegiance to His Highness Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, as Crown Prince, stems from the familiarity of the people of Kuwait with His Highness personality. His Highness has always been familiar with their affairs and worries. This enlightened his life with love, faithfulness, and loyalty of the people of Kuwait. Therefore, their homage given to his highness as crown prince reflects His Highness love for the people of Kuwait, and their love for him. His Highness possesses the characteristics of mercifulness and justice among the people and his spending for charity within Kuwait and abroad. His Highness puts the people of Kuwait in his heart and soul. Hence His Highness spares no effort to care for their interests, support their aspirations and ambitions, towards a bright future.


First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior: 14 July 2003

His Highness Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al Sabah is the father of the security personnel and the true founder of the Ministry of Interior in its modern form, with its various departments. His Highness took over two terms: the first from March 1978 to January 1988, and the second from 2003 to February 2006. Leading this well-established security institution, His Highness achievements are witnessed by everyone.


Deputy Chief of National Guard: 16 October 1994

His Highness left obvious fingerprint on the rearrangement and reorganization of the national guard, achieving consistency and balance between the soldier and human
Throughout nine years, His Highness exerted relentless efforts to achieve his noble goal: upgrade the National Guard to the highest levels of similar security institutions in the world's most advanced countries.
His Highness endeavored to upgrade the military system of the national guard, making it the right-arm of the armed forces.
His Highness set up the development plans for the national Guard which are based on several pillars, the first of which is human development, which starts with the right selection of human resources. The second pillar is represented by the serious training and the scientific education, in both military and technical areas. The third pillar was to upgrade the individual level, care for the health and morale of personnel.
His Highness had sent several National Guard affiliates abroad in scholarships and advanced military courses. His Highness also encouraged the Kuwaiti youths to engage in the National Guard.
His Highness has always stressed sincerity in performing tasks, armed with the strong belief in Allah, and confidence in the wisdom of the leadership, in addition to the fact that serving our nation is the ultimate goal, for which no efforts should be pared. It is the ultimate goal, which we pray to Almighty Allah to help us achieve.


Minister of Social Affairs and labor: 2 April 1991

Immediately after the liberation of Kuwait in 1991, and the restoration of legitimacy, His Highness was elected to be Minister of Social Affairs and labor. "I am a soldier who accepts work in any location assigned to me by HH The Amir," His Highness stated on that occasion.
Taking over as Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, the humanly minister adopted humanitarian resolutions in favor of widows, orphans, and elderly.


Minister of Defense: 26 January 1988

Having achieved a turning point in the performance of the ministry of interior, His Highness took over as Minister of Defense, again upgrading the work, both at civil and military levels. His Highness upgraded the Ministry of Defense's camps and equipped them with new arms and machinery to perform their national duty in defending Kuwait and protecting it against outer dangers.
His Highness took care of sending students in scholarships to the industrialized nations for training as warplane fighters, and to serve in other branches of the military, such as armed vehicles and missiles, which are used by Kuwait Army.
His Highness was careful to see phrases stipulating the training of Kuwaiti militants on maintenance of weapons in the arms purchasing contracts.
His Highness paved the way to Kuwaiti youths to engage in the military, providing them with many privileges to have the honor of defending their nation.
His Highness paid regular visits to the army camps to ensure they were well-prepared and to provide them with all military requirements


Minister of Interior: 19 March 1978

His Highness took over as minister of interior to succeed His Highness, the Father Amir, Sheikh Sa'ad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, May God Safeguard Him, who took over as crown prince and prime Minister early at the reign of His Highness the late Amir, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al- Sabah, May God Bestow Mercy on His Soul.
At the outset of taking over as Minister of Interior, His Highness Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmed diligently endeavored to safeguard the security and stability of the nation, and protect the freedom and dignity of the citizen as well as their security.


Governor of Hawalli: 12 February 1962

His Highness Sheikh Nawaf Al - Ahmed commenced his political career by taking over as Governor of Hawalli. His Highness converted the governorate, which was merely a village, into an urban, metropolitan area, including residential and commercial activities. Modern buildings grew in all directions.
His Highness personally intervened, in many occasions, to solve family problems and to maintain privacy of families.
His Highness has always urged the security chiefs, who successively took over this task, to operate security patrols on the roads and the various areas, so as to achieve security for the population. His Highness kept on carrying the burden as Governor of Hawalli for 16 years.