From the words of His Highness the Crown Prince,
Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah

  • This dear country is everyone’s responsibility. We protect it with our lives before everything else. We have an unwavering faith in a country of constitution and well-established institutions.

  • Apply the justice that we are keen to take care of. Make it your principle and do not stray away from it. Always keep that in mind.

  • We are still on the covenant of loyalty to this country and The Emir. Maintaining its security and stability and continuing to do more in both effort and sacrifice.

  • Accomplishments are only achieved by effort and sacrifice, and to reach glory you need patience, perseverance, seriousness and diligence.

  • Isn’t our country worthy of us returning the favor? Shouldn’t we surpass all crisis’s and push forward towards success and achievements?

  • The existence of Kuwait god willing is an extended and connected existence. Our existence does not live on through our age rather only by our hard work and lasting effort.